Darimo MTB Handlebar


We introduce the Darimo MTB handlebar, a product designed with finite elements calculations and destructive tests until obtaining a record weight (98 g in 740mm of length).Darimo Handlebar 3

The handlebar is entirely made of carbon fiber, with a unique combination of bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with the proper orientation to achieve the best weight-resistance-stiffness ratio, always keeping in mind your safety.

This type of laminate can be only achieved with a totally handmade construction with a location of the layers of carbon made by hand on each handlebar. There is a different number and arrangement of layers at each point.

The center diameter is 31.8 mm, adapted to the current standards. There are two bend angle options, 6 or 9 degrees. It is manufactured with the desired length of the customer with a maximum of 800mm.

Finishing: There are four possible finishes with the combination of Gloss or matte, bidirectional 3k or UD (+ 7g), with the possibility of personalizing the color of the adhesive.Darimo Handlebar 4

Riders weight limit: The Darimo handlebar is safe and has passed the standard ISO 4210 tests, however it is not recommended for more than 90 kg. In the destructive tests, the handlebar has carried loads of 350 kg without breaking. We can manufacture a handlebar without rider weight limit with a weight increase of only 25 grams.

Use: XC MTB, not for downhill, not for barends ..

Options: 31.8 mm diameter, 6 or 9º bend and up to 800 mm width.

The handlebars are calculated exclusively for each width, so a handlebar with reduced width is not a cutted handlebar. This implies a greater work of calculation and manufacture but shorter handlebars have a very low weight.

The central zone (31,8 mm diameter) is 60 mm width. We recomend to use stems with four screws up to 50 mm wide. If you have any doubt contact us.

Price: 189 €Darimo Handlebar 5

Weight (Usually our handlebars weigh less than the indicated):

Darimo MTB Handlebar Weight

Width choice:

The Darimo handlebars have a reinforcement at the end to minimize the possibility of splintering in case of fall or contact with the ground (not for barends). For this reason, although it is possible, it is not recommended to cut it, since this reinforcement would be lost. In addition there is a reinforcement in the shifters and brake clamping area that would be out of its correct location in case of a significant reduction of width. Choose and order the right handlebars according to your preferences, you will obtain a better weight.


If you want a more reinforced handlebar, no weight limit, or even exclusive optimization to further reduce weight, contact us and we will produce an exclusive handlebar for you. As it’s produced in a totally manual way, we can adapt to the needs of the users.


Do you want to buy a Darimo Handlebar?  Contact us and we’ll contact you shortly.